Google Business Optimization Albany NYWhy Do I Need This For Google Business Optimization For My Business?

Have you ever searched for something and found your answer directly on Google without visiting a single website? In the marketing world, that’s called a “no click”. 89.9% of all website searches (not a real statistic) are people just looking for a quick piece of information. Wouldn’t it be great if Google would give them your answer right away with no further need for clicking? With complete Google Business Optimization, that’s what will happen!

What Is Google Business Optimization, Really?

Google has a handful of different apps that will help your business in many ways. These include Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more. With Groupiehead’s Google Business Optimization service, we will set you up with a marketing account and sign you up (or make sure you’re signed up correctly) for each of these Google services. We’ll fully optimize your account and then show you how to best use each of the services.

How Will This Benefit My Business?

Google gives people answers. They try to give people the best answers. So if a person is looking for some type of product or service, Google will show that person it’s best suggestions. Businesses that are optimized in Google’s apps will get top priority because Google knows they are an aware and active business. Businesses with well optimized Google apps receive much higher placements on Google Maps and in Google Searches than businesses that aren’t set up correctly.

Ok, Then What Do You Do Exactly?

Groupiehead will set up a marketing account for you, and using that account, we’ll claim, set-up, and optimize all of Google’s most important apps. These will include (but not limited to) Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Search Console (Google Webmaster), Google Tag Manager (if necessary), plus a gmail marketing account and more as they become available. Once we’re done, we turn everything over to you with free lifetime consultation!

Google Business Optimization Costs

Initial GBO Service

$599One Time Fee
  • Complete set up of Google Services that impact your business
  • Full Optimization
  • Full Control & Log-In Access
  • Lifetime Consultation

Check Up Service

$295One Time Fee
  • Complete review for necessary updates
  • Optimization as needed