WordPress Website Maintenance and Updates

While WordPress websites can be a great solution for many website tasks, there can be a common problem when it comes to updating a site.  A finished WordPress website is likely to have various themes, widgets, plug-ins and more all running behind the scenes.  The problem is all these separate elements were written/coded by different developers.  Installing an update from one developer may cause another developer’s code to crash the site.

You don’t need to update your WordPress website every single time a new component has an update. But very often the updates include fixes for newly discovered security risks so its important to never go too long without updating.

There are 3 ways Groupiehead can help

1) If you have admin access to your site, you can make the updates yourself at any time.  If something breaks on the site, we can help fix things (or at least restore from a back-up) at our hourly rate of $85/hr.  We don’t recommend this unless you’ve made a back-up of your site and you’re relatively comfortable with WordPress.

2) Contact Groupiehead for an update.  Our programmers can make the update for you at $85/hr.  Small updates that go smoothly could cost less than $25. When we find an issue with the update, we first try to fix this issue.  If the issue cannot be fixed because of incompatible code, we’ll contact you as to whether you want to roll back to a backup copy of the site, or remove the feature with the code causing the error.

3) Enroll in our monthly Website Maintenance Program. Once enrolled, you no longer have to worry about updates, security risks, or website errors.  With this program, Groupiehead will review your website at least once a month and update all software to compatible versions when needed.  We take care of any needed fixes and maintain backup copies. This standard plan is $625/year but depending on your website components, this cost may vary.

To sign up for our Website Maintenance Program or just request an update, please email us at info@groupiehead.com