Groupiehead is the go-to destination for personal, yet comprehensive, digital marketing solutions. Our range of services is designed to cater to your marketing demands and help bring in new clients. Whether you’re looking for captivating website design, strategic social media management, effective PPC (Google & YouTube Ads) management, result-driven SEO strategies, professional logo design & branding, or high-quality graphic design & printing, we’ve got you covered.

Groupiehead Pro

The Groupiehead Pro app is crafted to not just locate your target market but transform them into loyal customers! Our robust software combines traditional CRM software features with GeoFarming and paid advertising on platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and YouTube to unearth new local leads. Our automated sales email campaigns and strategic ads are meticulously designed to guide potential clients to take action—whether it’s a text, call, email, or lead form. The result? Groupiehead Pro’s fortified sales pipeline and instant alerts notifying you of promising new clients! This software is like having this team working for you 24/7!

Groupiehead Pro Digital Marketing Sales Force CRM

Outsourced Part-Time Marketing DirectorGroupiehead Marketing Director Part Time

Get yourself a seasoned marketing director for the cost of a part-time freelancer. With this unique service, we take the time to learn your business and your marketing challenges. Then we take the marketing reigns to help wherever it’s needed: Website updates, new brochures, paid Google Ads, incoming contact screening, SEO, promotion videos, and more. We tie it all together and kick-start your company’s marketing so you, as a business owner, can focus on other aspects of the business.

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Website Design & Development

At Groupiehead, we’re not just programmers and computer geeks. We’re also designers with award winning art backgrounds… and we’ve got 25+ years of experience in the marketing industry.  We’ll make sure your website not only gets the job done, but also looks amazing! We believe a successful website should be developed with three concepts in mind: Design, Technology, and Content. Yes, we’ve got expertise and experience in all three!

Albany Capital Region Saratoga Website Design Development Hosting SEO

Whether you’re a new business owner and have never been through the website design process, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing site and land on page one of a Google Search, we can help! We’ve got website development packages for all price ranges.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Best Search Engine Optimization SEO Albany Fort Myers NaplesUnlocking the full potential of your website’s success and securing a coveted position on the first page of search engine results can sometimes require more than just the expertise of a skilled programmer. Depending on the level of competition, a comprehensive approach is essential. At Groupiehead, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) services that go beyond mere website updates. We provide a range of additional strategies and services that synergize with website SEO, ensuring your site climbs to the pinnacle of page 1.

If your website is not showing up in search engines where you want it to, please read this page for more information on how Groupiehead can help!

PPC Ads… Google & YouTube

Google YouTube Ads Search Display PPC Pay Per Click Advertising Fort Myers NaplesPPC advertising is unparalleled in its effectiveness. Unlike traditional advertising, which can be costly and relies on chance for reaching potential customers, Google Ads ensures that your message reaches only those actively seeking your product or service. The beauty of PPC advertising lies in the fact that you only incur costs when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website or contacts you directly. This payment model is commonly referred to as “pay-per-click” advertising.

Other types of online advertising, offer an even more incredible value, allowing you to reach thousands of viewers for as little as $0.01 per click. Such ads serve as powerful tools for local branding efforts.

To maximize the potential of your PPC campaign, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a trusted and trained expert. Without professional guidance, you might overlook essential tactics that prevent your ads from draining your budget and ensure they are seen by the right audience. Yes, Groupiehead has taken the classes offer by Google, guaranteeing that you will have the best possible team working on your behalf.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing Advertising Groupiehead Fort Myers NaplesWe provide comprehensive behind-the-scenes management of social media and online accounts for our clients. Our services offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house employees while ensuring peace of mind that all tasks are handled accurately. We proactively inform our clients about any important developments they should be aware of. Social media marketing encompasses more than simply posting on your business’s Facebook page. When executed effectively, social media posts can expand your audience, improve your search engine ranking, and yield other benefits. Furthermore, strategically configured social media accounts can enable targeted advertising to reach your precise target market.

What do we do besides posting? Well that’s up to you! For many clients we respond to reviews, comments, and messages, create events, claim and update pages, sign up for new accounts, track stats on a monthly basis, fix map locations, create promotional memes and videos… the list is virtually limitless!

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Google Business Optimization

Google strives to provide the best answers to inquiries by delivering relevant and accurate search results. When individuals are seeking a specific product or service, Google prioritizes businesses that have optimized their presence within Google’s ecosystem. Such businesses are recognized by Google as actively engaged entities. Consequently, they enjoy higher visibility on Google Maps and in search results compared to businesses that have not set up their online profiles correctly.

Google Business Optimization Fort Myers Naples AlbanyAt Groupiehead, we offer a comprehensive solution to enhance your online presence. We will set up a dedicated marketing account for your business and utilize it to claim, establish, and optimize essential Google applications. Our services encompass crucial platforms such as Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Search Console, and, if necessary, Google Tag Manager. Additionally, we will provide you with a Gmail marketing account and introduce any newly available features that align with your needs.

If you understand that Google plays a huge role on the Internet, go to our Google Business Optimization services page for more information.

Logo Design & Business Branding

Logo Design Branding Groupiehead Fort Myers Naples AlbanyGroupiehead excels at not only creating ideal logos but also expanding a logo’s theme across a wide array of marketing materials. Our design expertise covers all the essentials that a small business may require, including business cards, brochures, website themes, signs, posters, t-shirts, pens, social media assets, and more. Every element we design will seamlessly align with the theme and logo of your business. The best part is, if Groupiehead has already designed your logo or brand theme, the cost of additional materials and designs is significantly reduced since a significant portion of the groundwork has already been laid.

At Groupiehead, we are more than just programmers and computer geeks. We are designers with a history of award-winning art backgrounds and possess over 25 years of experience in the marketing industry. With our expertise, we guarantee that your marketing materials will be nothing short of stunning. We take pride in delivering excellence in every aspect of our work, ensuring that your brand stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

If you’re not happy with your marketing materials, more information on how Groupiehead can help is here!

Graphic Design & Printing

Graphic Design Printing Marketing Materials Groupiehead Albany Fort Myers NaplesGraphic design plays a vital role in every marketing campaign and branding endeavor, as it establishes the tone and visual identity of your message even before any words are read. At Groupiehead, graphic design is not just a skill we possess—it is our core strength and the driving force behind the success of our projects. With a solid foundation in art and over 29 years of experience working with Photoshop, our designs consistently surpass those of our competitors.

Whether you require a website that goes above and beyond the ordinary or a business card that leaves a lasting impression on potential clients, Groupiehead is the partner you can rely on. We understand the power of captivating visuals and how they contribute to your overall brand image. Our team of experts will work closely with you to translate your vision into exceptional designs that elevate your marketing materials to new heights.

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 A Marketing Firm You Can Swear By… Not At.

The testimonials below are all real 5 star Google Reviews that can be found here.

“Groupiehead is great! Mark is talented, creative, responsive, professional and thorough. He is an SEO guru! My business has grown exponentially because of Mark’s expertise. I can also depend on him for honest advice, which is so important as a sole proprietor.”

Rachel Baum, CPDT-KA, At Home Dog Trainer

“Groupiehead did an outstanding job on our website both from a visual standpoint and in the SEO work that organically gets us on the 1st page when our key words / phrases are searched. I highly recommend their services.”

Jon Denney, President, Night Rider Janitorial Services

“Great customer service. What a help promoting my small business while I’m busy trying to run my small business”

Melissa Conlon, Owner, Precision Electrolysis By Melissa

“Excellent service with quick responses to any questions or concerns. Anything dealing with digital media, from web site design to menu design, photography, video, social media presence and I’m sure a lot more, Groupiehead has been on point with all of it. Thank you!”

Christopher Euripidou, Owner, Farmer Boy Diner & Restaurant

“I’ve worked with Mark and his team on numerous projects and they have always been knowledgeable and professional. Their rates are very reasonable and service is always prompt and courteous. I would recommend Groupiehead to anyone looking for web design, SEO, and social media services!”

“Having worked on multiple projects with Mark and Groupiehead over the past several years, I can give him my highest recommendation to anyone or organization. He does a great job at explaining everything and always works within the time and budget. We highly recommend Groupiehead for all your website needs.”

Al Malone, President, Ashline Local Moving

“Mark Rose at Groupiehead did a great job creating a new website for our video production company and then managing our Google Ad campaign. Our site impressions, clicks and visits are all up tremendously as is our new business coming from the site. We have also provided videos and photographic effects for websites he has designed and these sites are all of the highest quality. I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to expand their business presence on the web.”

Russ Wilks, Owner, RPR Studios

“I highly recommend Groupiehead due to the personalized attention, the quality of the work and the value they provide. My website has been on page 1 of Google since the second month the site was live over a year ago. I have always received an immediate response with effective solutions to my questions and issues. As good as the service is the website design is world class.”

David Brickman, PC, Rocket Docket Legal Software

“I highly recommend Mark at Groupiehead! Mark created our website and has worked as a partner for the past few years in making sure that we are always running properly. He is very willing to answer all my annoying questions and everyone knows how tough it is to find a web guy that will do that! Give Groupiehead a try you will NOT be disappointed!”

Christi Smith, Owner, Student Styles

“I have worked with Mark at Groupiehead for 5+ years. He and his team manage our website and social media marketing. Since working with Groupiehead our Internet presence has increased and more importantly our business has too; we could not have found a better company! We would recommend Groupiehead to everyone.”

Doreen Schillinger, Manager, Store Away Self Storage

“I have worked with Mark for a number of years, I needed someone to help us with our website and guide me thru all the decisions to make it successful. He and his team has worked with us with changes andadditions to our site, as well as monitoring it. I believe we have spend money wisely, and with each idea or change I requested we talked about advantages and disadvantages of those ideas. He has always been available to talk with about any ideas or just questions I have had. I would recommend Groupiehead to anyone.”

Skip Dean, Owner, Acme Kitchenettes

“We have been using Mark for our website for two years now and couldn’t be happier. From the initial set up to all the changes he gets everything laid out perfectly and in such a timely manner!”

Michelle Lemons, Office Manager, Organize Senior Moves Saratoga

“We have worked with Groupiehead for years and they have always provided us with great professional service. From building our websites and regular updates Groupiehead has been easy to work with and quick to respond to our constantly changing needs.”

Matthew Hall, Owner, Next Door Kitchen + Bar

“Mark is so great to work with. He makes managing our social media and websites so easy. He is so always available to make adjustments, add photos or content and talk through any changes in our business.”

Melissa Jochum, CFO, Gordon Companies

“Not only great customer service but great and creative ideas!!”

David Grunenwald, Owner, Bankshot Antiques

“I have been a customer for many years now. I find Groupiehead, reliable, very fair pricing, easy to work with. No request is to big or small. I am always pleased with their creativity. Give them an idea and watch it come to light.”

Theresa Butler, Owner, Theresa’s Lake View Bar & Grill

“I have been using Mark at Groupiehead for 5 years, he did my Website and I could not be happier. Because of his work I truly believe my business has grown and he deserves a lot of credit for it, also he is always a pleasure to work with when you have a problem. He is outstanding, never makes me feel uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a business that really cares, look no further.”

Evelyn Keplinger, Owner, Treatie Beatie Cakes By Evelyn

“Mark has been great with our company social media. He follows up with me and can take an idea and run with it. I don’t have to micro manage him which allows me to pay more attention to my business.”

Melissa Conger, Manager, Phillips Hardware

“I have worked with Mark at Groupiehead for the last two years and highly recommend him. Mark has been invaluable to our company through the redesign of our website, new logo design and printed marketing materials for our growing company. He continues to help build our brand through social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter and Google. His experience and patience guided us successfully through a company name change. Mark provides insight, years of experience as well as providing immediate attention to our needs. Mark at Groupiehead is someone you want on your marketing team!”

Louise Bender, Marketing Director, Helping Hands @Home

“I have worked with Mark at Groupiehead for years for all of my offices. He is fast and professional and provides great customer service and an outstanding product.”

“Mark is great to work with! He’s very patient, gets things done in a timely manor, very reasonable pricing and the finished product is great! We couldn’t be happier with our new menus. We will defiantly be using him again! Thank you Mark!”

John & Tina, Owners, J&T's Family Cafe

“Mark is great! I am brand new to everything website and he took the time to really walk me through it. Highly recommend!”

Sandra Baldwin, Owner, It Is Well Inspection Services

“Hello, Heather from Heather’s Heart Forge here to tell you about the awesome experience we had brainstorming ideas and creating a website that was on fire with Mark. He is super patient, quick, and full of super supportive ideas that helped us reach more prospective students. It’s super convenient, he hosts, and posts for us; No worries. Thanks Mark, you rock.”

Heather Papoojian, Owner, Heather’s Heart Forge