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Groupiehead's Website Services


We’ve been designing and programming websites from the beginning... or at least sometime in the mid-90s.  We’ve probably worked on over a thousand websites since then.  By now, Groupiehead has a pretty good idea for what makes a good website tick.  We’re also here to support our work.  When you develop and host your website with Groupiehead, you’ll have our direct cell phone numbers – yes, you’re that important to us.  Even after your website goes live, we’ll be here to support you with updates and upgrades – many of which are free with your website hosting account.


At Groupiehead, we believe a successful website should be developed with three concepts in mind: Design, Technology, and Content.


Design:  The site has to look fantastic, up-to-date with current trends, and be representative of the business.


Technology:  The site needs to be programmed to meet its goals using code that works across all browsers and devices.  The site should also be programmed so that it's found on page 1 of search engines.


Content:  The site’s content should be fast to download and easy to navigate... and it should present the appropriate information to meet the goals for the website.


At Groupiehead, we’re experienced in all three areas mentioned above, here to help to ensure your website is successful on all levels.  With every website we develop, we put together a game plan that gives equal weight to design, technology, and content. Then we consider cost and find the best possible solutions to fit your budget.


Go HERE to see what sort of features fit into various budgets.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Without great search engine optimization, your website may never be found.  We, at Groupiehead, are experts in optimizing a website to show up on page one of Google... and we’ve been doing so since Google has been around.  We’ll even guarantee page one placement if our recommendations are followed.  If we can’t get your site on page one, we’ll continue to work with you at no additional charge until we do!


"Mark, It's been 6 years doing business with you, and I am thrilled to say is still doing great. Consistently ranking #1 on multiple search engines. Whenever I have had questions or changes you respond promptly. For this I am grateful and will highly recommend your services to anyone I know. Thank you."

- John McDonald, President, Capitaland Autobody


Social Media

Today, a strong social media campaign can be more important than a website.  For the best results, you need both... a website to present all your information and social media to find and interact with potential customers. For more information about Groupiehead’s social media services, please see this page or our dedicated website here:


PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Advertising can be expensive, but pay-per-click can be a great alternative.  You only pay when a potential customer clicks your advertisement and ends up on your website.  How much would you pay for that?  Groupiehead can help you set up and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns.


WordPress / Template Based Websites

Yes, we can build a WordPress, or another template based website, but we don’t always recommend it.  In many cases a template based website, like WordPress, is not the best solution.  Yes, a lot of people have WordPress websites, but that’s because they're easy to do and requires no experience.  WordPress makes it easy for non-programmers/designers, but there are also downsides.  A template website means you’re stuck following the template, which was not designed with your business in mind.  Also, the nature of a template means that there are many areas of the website that can’t be optimized for search engines. If you're interested in a WordPress site, just ask us!  We’ll give you the pros-and-cons and it's possible a WordPress site is perfect for you!  If not, we'll give you some great alternative solutions.


Mobile/Responsive Options

It is important that your website looks good on all devices and there are many options to consider when beginning a new website project.  Mobile and responsive websites can look great but they can also be frustrating and difficult to navigate.  We build our mobile and responsive websites from the ground up to ensure this doesn’t happen.



Yes, Ecommerce can be very expensive, but over the past few years, there have been amazing developments in the field that allows almost anyone to run a fully functional online business without a big business budget.  Let us know your ideas and we’ll find several budget-friendly options for you!


Website Hosting

Groupiehead does offer website hosting.  This means we’ll keep your live website on our server for the world to see.  The best part is that when you host with Groupiehead and you need a small website update, we’re not going to charge you. Many times, a website just needs a small change... we’re not like other companies who charge a minimum fee for an update that only takes a few minutes.  That’s silly and insulting.  We understand how important websites are... we’ll take good care of yours.



Mobile Website Responsive Website Design

Example Client Websites

Albany NY Google Serices SEO Search Engine Optimization



"Mark thoroughly understands our needs, and always meets, and exceeds, our expectations. He is creative, approachable, and efficient."

- Rachel Swire, Director of Program Development, The Brain Injury Association of New York State


"Mark developed our website in 2001, and has kept us up-to-date since then. Updates are prompt, accurate, and reasonably priced. We've never had a problem with the hosting service. I'm happy to recommend Groupiehead for web services and hosting. Mark is a good guy to work with."

- Rick Touchette, Director, Albany Diocesan Cemeteries


"I can't say enough about the FABULOUS service I have received from Mark with service for my website, Not only did Mark design my website, but he continues to manage my hosting, etc. I am not savvy AT ALL with computer technology, and so there are times I run into trouble trying to manage my email, etc. Mark is like my personal computer genie! Whenever I contact him with a "crisis," he very cheerfully fixes it shortly thereafter. I could not be happier with Groupiehead!"

- Barbara Dworkin, Owner, English Perfect


"I’m getting sick of people calling and telling me the website looks great”

- Jim, Owner, Borderline Designs


"After researching many web design companies and networking with other business owners I received a referral to Groupiehead. I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with Mark at Groupiehead. Mark addressed all of my questions and concerns about creating a website for my business and quickly put together a design that met all of my needs. He is always quick to respond and I've been thrilled with the efficiency of the company when I make any requests for additions or changes. Mark has helped eliminate some of the stress associated with starting a small business and I would highly recommend him and his team at Groupiehead."

- Jessica Nasner, Owner, Nutri-Fit 4  ME




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